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Our Team

Chhime R. Tamang

Chhime R. Tamang

Managing Director

An avid traveler, born in the heights of the Langtang region our Managing Director has years of freelance travel guide experience. His skills have been certified by the Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hotel Management (NATHM) and license verified from the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). Having studied a mix of social work and specialized travel education Mr. Tamang believes in using tourism to promote health, education and livelihood activities in the Langtang Region.

His overlapping passion for both tourism and community service has been a great benefactor in how he engages in business, till date, Mr. Tamang has worked to conduct workshops of skill building and has been a pivotal role in the community to help the Langtang region post-earthquake. Some of his efforts include working to organize the Langtang Marathon to promote tourism in the area after the quake. As a guide himself, he has a great balance of managerial skills and people skills, often being described by his companions as friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated. With a clear vision of providing local job opportunities and a service that cannot be mimicked, Mr. Tamang is working day and night to provide an eco-friendly service.

Pasang Tamang

Pasang Tamang

Founder & Trekking Guide

Being born in the remote village of Langtang at 4000m, Pasang Tamang has always loved to be surrounded by nature and adventure. With the aim of working in tourism, Mr. Tamang has studied Travel & Tourism, which was sponsored by the Grahammer Family from Germany. He has come a long way working as a trekking and mountain guide since 2008 and has completed much training related to the mountain environment.Mr. Tamang has also worked with his father at a teahouse in Langtang for several years through which he has acquired knowledge and ideas about hospitality in tourism. His friendly nature and honesty has allowed Mr. Tamang to create an excellent network of people and other trekking agenciesHe was left alone at the age of 22 by the earthquake in April 2015 losing both of his parents and all of his properties.

It was a difficult time for him, in which he struggled hard to find his path and achieve his goals to become what he is today. Mr. Tamang works in Austria during the summer at a lodge called die ostprussen hutte through which he has learned about European tourism allowing him to be successful in his line of work. As the Founder of Tenjin Eco Treks, Mr. Pasang Tamang believes tourism today should be more eco-friendly to reduce the harmful effects of global warming.Mr. Tamang and his team would like to donate 5% of the company’s profit for the education of impoverished children residing in the Himalayan region of Nepal.